Joining The Nursery

After contacting the setting to arrange a viewing you will be provided a time slot to attend which suits yourself and the nursery schedule. You will then have a personal, detailed tour of the building and outside, this will provide you with all the information you need. You will also be provided a nursery information pack to take away with you. As you have a tour of the setting please feel free to ask as many questions as you feel is necessary. It can be an overwhelming experience and a lot of information so don’t forget to contact us by telephone or email if you remember any further questions after you have left or if you would like to book a second viewing.

Once you have visited and are ready to go ahead with the registration we will ask you to return the registration forms from your pack along with the registration fee.

All parents/carers will then receive an email confirming their child’s place has been made secure. All parents/carers are then contacted 4-6 weeks before their start date to organise three settling in sessions. All settling in sessions are to be started the full week before their start date, ensuring lots of opportunity for extra settling in visits if required.

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